A charming and healthy baby boy was born on April 23, 1978 to Mr. and Mrs. Armando Perez Alaras in Balayan, Batangas. He was named ALVIN, which comes from a German origin meaning “Noble friend”. In its English origin, ALVIN means “elf” or magical being.

34th among the seven siblings, ALVIN is a typical boy-next-door guy who earned him at least three major pageant titles and two special awards in the “good looks department”.

More than the looks, this 5’6” stunner from Batangas is also a pride of his family for bringing home honor and glory in all his endeavors.

From pre-school up to college, he excelled both in academics and sports which earned him various coveted titles and awards.


In college, ALVIN took up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Immaculate Conception College (ICC) and graduated on March 13, 1999, ‘With Honors’ and 8 Special Awards. He had also completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Philippine Christian University in May 2011.

A leader in his own right, he was appointed Consultant to the Augustinian Recollect Student Crusaders (ARSC) local chapter of ICC in 1998 and was elected President of ARSC Music Ministry, and ICC OASIS of Arts Club.

Aside from being a consistent achiever, ALVIN is very artistic which is manifested in his personal paintings. His dancing prowess gave him 3 awards and his acumen in chess earned him at least 48 medals and awards. He sings well, too, which adds glamour to his colorful career.

Aside from chess, he’s also into table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, go-karting, dart, basketball and volleyball.

He has two brothers and four sisters.

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