A native of Balayan, Batangas, Philippines, home to the renowned Kapeng Barako (brewed coffee), this 5’6 achiever is a down-to-earth fellow who believes in the oneness of people. “Equality is the key to peace,” he would always tell his friends.

He craves for coffee but he hankers more on “Lechon Baboy” (roasted pig) and “Bagoong Balayan” (shrimp paste) where his hometown is known for.
Alvin was born on April 23, the day Christ was crucified as mentioned in Isaac Newton’s book of history and the day William Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday. He shares the same birth date with Hollywood big stars such as Alec Baldwin, Eddie Murphy, Washington Irving and Marlon Brando,
Despite his achievements, Alvin keeps a low profile nature. Discover more of Alvin and the secret behind his dazzling smile as you browse through the pages of this personally-crafted website.
Come, be my guest.

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